18th International Extreme Walking Marathon KIERAT 2023
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Regulations of 18th International Extreme Walking Marathon

  1. Goals and nature of the marathon
  2. The International Extreme Walking Marathon KIERAT is an event of tourism. The marathon is not a sports Orienteering. The goals of the marathon is checking the limits of one's own physical and mental strength, presenting and appreciating the landscape of Limanowa district and promoting active forms of relaxation.

  3. Organizers
  4. "LimaTur" tourist agency
    address: Mordarskiego 2, 34-600 Limanowa,
    tel. 18-33-74-999, tel. 18-33-73-999,
    e-mail: biuro@limatur.pl, URL: https://limatur.pl

    Ma這polska Region - Main Partner
    address: Rac豉wicka 56, 30-017 Krak闚,
    tel. 12-630-33-33,
    e-mail: urzad@umwm.malopolska.pl , URL: https://www.malopolska.pl

    Commune Office S這pnice
    address: 34-615 S這pnice 911,
    tel. 18-33-26-200,
    e-mail: gmina@slopnice.pl , URL: https://slopnice.pl

    District Office Limanowa
    address: Marka 9, 34-600 Limanowa,
    tel. 18-33-37-800,
    e-mail: starostwo@powiat.limanowa.pl, URL: https://powiat.limanowski.pl;

    Mountain Volunteer Rescue Service (GOPR)
    Operational Section Limanowa
    address: Mordarskiego 6, 34-600 Limanowa,
    tel. 18-33-71-999,

    School in S這pnice
    address: 34-615 S這pnice 732
    tel. 18-33-26-460,, URL: https://zpo.slopnice.pl,

    in cooperation with Jednostka Strzelecka Nr 2402 ZS "Strzelec" in Limanowa.

  5. The Marathon Held under the Auspices of:
  6. The Marshal of the Ma這polska Region - Mr Witold Koz這wski,
    The Prefect of Limanowa district - Mr Mieczys豉w Uryga,
    The S這pnice Commune Administrator - Mr Adam So速ys.

  7. Organizing Committee
  8. Marathon Manager - Andrzej Pilawski,
    Route Designer, Head Juror - Andrzej Socho,
    Head of Competition Office, Assisting Juror - Tomasz Baranowski,
    Head of GOPR Operational Section - Pawe Michalik.

  9. Dates
  10. The marathon shall be held on 26th-28th May 2023.

  11. Marathon Base
  12. School in S這pnice
    address: 34-615 S這pnice 732
    tel. 18-33-26-460,, URL: https://zpo.slopnice.pl,
    GPS coordinates: N4941.850' E2020.940'

  13. Programme
  14. 26th May (Friday)
    12.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m. - registration and check-in (Marathon Base),
    5.30 p.m. - technical briefing (the stadium KS Sok馧),
    5.45 p.m. - official opening of the marathon (the stadium KS Sok馧),
    6.00 p.m. - start of the marathon (the stadium KS Sok馧),
    27th May (Saturday)

    from 6.00 a.m. - waiting for the fastest participants on the finishing line,
    12.00 a.m. - closing of the finishing line,
    28th May (Sunday)
    9.00 a.m. - official closing of the marathon (school sports hall),
    till 11.00 a.m. - leaving the marathon base.

  15. Itinerary
  16. Length: ca. 100 km,
    Elevation gain/loss: ca. 4000 m,
    Number of check points: 14,
    Time limit: 30 hours,

    The starting and the finishing line of the marathon is located in S這pnice. The itinerary of the marathon runs across the picturesque area of Beskid Wyspowy and Gorce mountains. The itinerary includes check points (marked as PK) located in characteristic spots. The route between the checkpoints is chosen by the participants themselves.
    Features of the landscape: hills of max. 800 m above ground level, numerous forests - mainly mixed forests, meadows, fields, many buildings in the valleys, dense network of roads, forest and field paths in the whole region, driveways usually paved, some field paths muddy, in the upper parts of mountains - stony, high grass on meadows. Abundant dew in the morning. The time limit for the itinerary is 30 hours, after which the finishing line shall be closed. The contestants reaching S這pnice after the finishing line has been closed are obliged to contact the marathon base immediately and return their start cards.
    Due to security reasons, after finishing the marathon, every participant is obliged to arrive at the marathon base. In case of resigning from continuing the marathon, the participants should inform about the resignation the juror at any check point or call the juror in the competition office. It will be considered equivalent to resignation from the further participation in the marathon. Those who are not able to reach the marathon base before closing of the finishing line, are obliged to inform by phone the juror in the competition office about this fact.

  17. Check points
  18. Check points are located in characteristic spots and marked with flags and colourful lanterns with the marathon symbol and the checkpoint number. Presence at the checkpoint is confirmed by SPORTident system and writing down the time in the juror's card.
    Passing the checkpoints in the correct order is compulsory. Skipping a checkpoint shall be considered equivalent to resignation from the participation in the marathon. Reaching every check point can be achieved within a set time limit adjusted to the marching speed of an average tourist.

  19. Participation
  20. The marathon is aimed at endurance marches and walking tourism lovers who are well fit, mentally resistant and endowed with a good sense of direction. The participants must fulfil the following requirements: min. 18 years of age, providing the organizers with a written statement concerning the participation in the marathon on their own responsibility. Minors are allowed to participate exclusively under constant supervision of one of the parents or another authorized carer responsible for the minor in question. During the marathon, the carer mustn't leave the minor unattended. Neglecting this duty may result in disqualification.
    Note! The declaration of the marathon participant, authorization to care for a minor and the commitment to care for a minor must be printed, completed, signed and submitted in person during registration at the marathon office.
    printable declaration (pdf format)

  21. Equipment
  22. Compulsory equipment of every participant: completed and signed declaration (returned during registration at the marathon office), a compass, a torch with spare batteries, a first-aid kit, a watch, a reflective item or a red signal lamp placed on the back of the rucksack (must be turned on from dusk till dawn while on the roads with car traffic), comfortable shoes, clothing protecting from rainy and cold weather, a mobile phone, a pen, an ID, a space blanket, 50 PLN in one note (deposit) or SI card. The participants shall also bring food and beverages, especially for the night (it is possible to buy the necessities in the shops located on the itinerary; on selected check points beverages shall be provided). Recommended contents of the first-aid kit: adhesive bandages, painkillers, elastic bandage.

  23. Map
  24. Special colour tourist map, scale 1:50 000.
    Participants are allowed to use their own maps.

  25. Start card and start number
  26. Every participant will be given a start number. The participant should have his start number with himself during all the marathon. The presence at the check points is confirmed by SPORTident system. The participants are allowed to start with their own SI-Card6 or newer, tCard, pCard. The participants without their own SI card can lease it in the competition office. The SI card leasing is charged 50 PLN (in cash) refundable deposit. The participants are obligated to clear their SI card in the competition office before start and to read their SI card directly after coming back to the competition office. In case the SI card is lost, the participant shall immediately inform one of the jurors about this incident.

  27. Classification
  28. Individual classification (general, females and males). It is allowed to form groups during the marathon, and in case of the less experienced participants, it is even advisable. The position achieved in a given classification is determined by the number of check points reached within the time limit, which is specified in the start card, and in the case of equal numbers - by the time taken to reach the finishing line or the last check point, which is specified in the SI card.
    The distance covered in subsequent KIERAT marathons is scored for Endurance classification.

  29. Participation fee
  30. Participation fee is PLN 160 per person and should be paid on the following bank account:
    B.T. LIMATUR, 34-600 Limanowa, ul. M. Mordarskiego 6,
    BS Limanowa 24 8804 0000 0070 0002 2552 0006,
    The grid "payment title" should contain the name KIERAT 2023 as well as the name and surname of the participant the payment is made for. If one transfer is made for several participants (max. 3), their names and surnames should be specified. The participation fee shall be paid till 14th April current year.
    After this date the participation fee will increase to PLN 200.
    The confirmation of payment should be presented at registration in the marathon office. To pay the participation fee during registration, the participants are obligated to get the organizers approval (e-mail: kierat2004@wp.pl).

  31. Applications
  32. You may apply using the online application form. The applications will be accepted till 22nd May current year.
    Any applications received after that date do not guarantee obtaining full services and may be accepted only after individual arrangements with the organizers.
    The application becomes valid as from the moment of paying the participation fee.
    The number of places is limited - 800 people.
    In case of resigning from the participation in the marathon you must immediately inform the organizers about it by filling in the resignation form, by phone or by email. In case of resigning before the 22nd May, the participation fee will be refunded with deduction of PLN 15 handling fee. The participation fee for those who will resign after start list closing is not refunded.

  33. Services
  34. The organizers provide every participant with:

    • start materials set (map, card-start number, reflective armband, badge, grip seal bag),
    • the possibility to lease the SI card,
    • the possibility to use the facilities in the marathon base (school sports hall, canteen, luggage deposit, bathroom, toilet),
    • a meal in the marathon base,
    • water at selected check points,
    • accommodation in the school sports hall (you need to have your own roll mat and sleeping bag),
    • assistance of GOPR (local mountain rescue) in case of an accident,
    • medical care in the marathon base,
    • group accident insurance for the participants of extreme sports events,
    • souvenir photo at the finish line.

  35. Prizes
  36. Satisfaction derived from overcoming your weaknesses is your main prize.
    Every participant who reaches at least one check point will be given a souvenir in the form of a diploma and a medal.

  37. Transport
  38. The participants organize the transport to the marathon base on their own.
    Possible access by public transport from Limanowa to the bus stop "S這pnice Dolne". Details on how to get public minibuses will be announced on the website www.maratonkierat.pl.

  39. General Terms and Conditions

  1. The marathon is of a walking nature. The participants are allowed to walk or run using only their legs. It is forbidden to use any means of transport, bicycles, roller blades, etc. Walking poles are allowed.
  2. The marathon shall take place regardless of the weather conditions. In case of the occurrence of the weather conditions temporarily threatening the safety of the participants, the organizer may prolong the time limits for reaching the check points and the finishing line.
  3. The participants take part in the marathon on their own responsibility and shall not demand from the organizers any compensation in case of any health damages or material losses.
  4. The organizers do not provide the participants with the transport to the marathon base if the participants resign from continuing the marathon while it is in progress.
  5. The GOPR emergency number shall be used only in case of an accident, a serious injury or other circumstances justifying the emergency call.
  6. Any organized form of assistance provided by a third party during the marathon is prohibited. The participants must carry all the necessary equipment except for food and beverages that can be acquired during the marathon.
  7. Using GPS is allowed, however a compass and a map should be sufficient for a participant with an average sense of direction to reach the check points. The participants can use their own maps.
  8. It is forbidden to dump any rubbish on the itinerary apart from places especially designated for this purpose. Rubbish bags will be provided at the check points.
  9. It is forbidden to destroy any crops or forest plantations.
  10. It is forbidden to start campfires and to use open fire in the forest or in fire-prone areas.
  11. While in natural reserves or national parks the participants can use only signposted tourist routes.
  12. Violation of public order during the marathon, in the base and throughout the whole event is strictly forbidden.
  13. Any dangers noticed by the participants must be immediately reported to the organizers directly at the nearest checkpoint, by phone or by other means of communication available.
  14. The organizers are not responsible for any consequences of the participants' trespassing on private properties.
  15. During the marathon fair play rules apply. Disturbing or misleading other participants, destroying or hiding the signs of check points and stealing the tools necessary for confirming presence is prohibited and may result in exclusion the dishonest participant from the marathon.
  16. Participants are obliged to respect the road traffic law and other provisions of Polish law.
  17. Any infringement of the regulations may lead to disqualification of the participant.
  18. The organizers reserve the right to decide on the ultimate interpretation of the regulations.

Marathon Manager - Andrzej Pilawski
Head Juror - Andrzej Socho

Regulations (pdf)